"From Farm and Shore to Your Door"


Sorry to disturb you and thanks for taking the time to engage with our message.

My name is David and I help to run a small company called Lincs Prime Fresh based in Louth, Lincolnshire.

Its ok we don't insist you come to shop at our location!!

What we do is we deliver fresh fish, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, sausages, cheese, bacon and gammon.

We have been delivering in your area for over 16 years and we are due to deliver to our existing customers again shortly.

I have contaced a few more people in the area today to let them know about what we do to see if there maybe a few other households who would like to give the service a try.

If your household is interested in hearing about how different the way we work is compared to your normal home delivery people? With us all deliveries are pre-arranged and delivered within the hour on a specific day up to 6.30pm.

Or would you like to know your fish is as fresh as possible? Bought and packed to order for you from the premier fish market in the north and delivered the same day.

That all your meat purchases are traditionally prepared and packed to order by an established family butcher?

And all this delivered to your door in manageable quantities with no contract or commitment!

You might already of gathered we are different,this site doesnt use wizz bang shickanory to collect data about you and we dont record anymore of your details than we need to do our job efficeintly so that's name, address, email and orders new and previous, we dont take orders or money online and we ceratinly don't keep any payment card details.....ever.

We believe business is about people and relationships that both parties are comfortable with. We don't inundate our customer's or potential customers with emails giving misleading promises and if you call we won't store your number or details unless you agree.

So if you want to know more you can call direct on

08006 696042

or you can book an appointment for a zoom or telephone call below to find out more.