3 Week Traditionally Dry Hung Lincolnshire Beef

3 Week Traditionally Dry Hung Lincolnshire Beef

All our Beef is Traditionally hung for a minimum of 3 weeks before being jointed by our Master Butcher.

This includes cuts such as Mince and Stew this ensures a consistency of tenderness, taste and value across our range and in your meals.

Traditional hanging means that you dont pay for excess liquid in the meat as it drains away as part of the hanging process. Modern ageing techniques which generally involve vacuum packing the meat to artificially age it retains fluids which obviously you pay for but which evaporate off causing excess shrinking during cooking.

We recommend a minimum wiehgt of 1kg for roasting joints though you can increase by 1/2kg above that if required. 1kg allows the meat to roast properly.

Steaks are usually cut 4 to the kg giving approx 8 oz steaks. If you require smaller or larger please specify in the notes. 6 to the kilo = approx 6oz steaks, 8 to the kilo = approx 4oz steaks, 3 to the kilo = approx 12oz steaks. Leave as 1 piece if you prefer to cut your own.